If it’s Christmas, its Party Time at Ceroc Heaven

Are you ready for some Christmas party fun? Here’s what you have to do. First dig out your Cowboys and Indians fancy dress, then get down to The Grange at Radcliffe on Trent. Pay your money, say Yee-haa to all your friends, and please leave the horse outside. Now there’s one more thing to leave outside – your inhibitions, because your host Kali and her demo Richard have lined up a fun routine for later.


On this Monday night I’m sure someone sneeked in. Now of course, everyone is welcome at Ceroc Heaven Class Nights, but this guy was a bit mean looking. I can’t be a hundred percent certain but I reckon I’d seen him in one of those Spaghetti Westerns.

Is that a Minion in the class?


Great to see so many people in cowboy outfits, hats and boots – but is that a blue and yellow Minion in the lines? Apparently one of the dance gang misheard Kali when she announced the fancy dress theme last week. He thought she said ‘Cowboys and Minions’. We love his wit and sense of humour. And, is that Ashley in a Saloon Madame’s Dress? This was getting out of hand. Someone please call the Sherriff!


I hope that pistol isn’t loaded!

Let’s get the party started

Kali, the co-owner of the Ceroc Heaven Franchise, always runs a fun class at Christmas, instead of the usual Intermediate and Beginners’ Refresher Classes. One of my favourite fun classes is when Kali gets the ladies to lead and the men to follow. The result is always hilarity – for a start the men can’t spin! For this fun class Kali had created a routine to accompany one of the funkiest pieces of dance music I’d heard all year. Press the play button and pay particular attention to the lyrics. A special thanks to DJ Mark for helping me track down the correct version of Funkstar De Luxe’s Ignition on YouTube.

Every body get funky, keep wiggling and jiggling, and all that stuff

Okay, you’ve got the idea. You are just about to be taught how to do a lot of wiggling and jiggling. So here goes. Oh and keep an eye out for that Spaghetti Western Guy – I’m sure it was him. All mean and sultry looking.


Now this is how you do the wiggling thing apparently. It’s not that easy. I suspect it would be a lot easier after a couple of glasses of Prosecco, but it’s soft drinks only at The Grange. Can you spot The Minion? Can’t see The Spaghetti Western guy – perhaps I was mistaken.


Now here’s the jiggling bit. I’m not sure if we all knew the difference between the wiggling and the jiggling but we were all having a great time.

This is how you Jump to the Beat


Wasn’t that the name of a song by Stacy Lattisaw in the 70’s. I remember jumping about to that. Well apparently so did everyone else because we were all really good at it. The fun just went on and on, but before I go on any further I’d like to thank Richard, Kali’s demo, for really entering in to the Christmas spirit. No one quite got the wiggling and giggling thing as well as he did. Well done Richard, like Rudolf, you will go down in history.

Body-Roll Time


You may never see a hundred people doing a body roll in perfect synchronization ever again! Finally we get to put all the wiggling, jiggling, jumping and body rolling together. Quite honestly it was a bit of a mess but hey ho, we had fun doing it – or rather trying to do it.

It was him, wasn’t it?

Now before I finish there’s one other matter to sort out. Remember I said I saw this character out of a Spaghetti Western. Well, while looking through the photos of Monday Night, I came across this picture of a very shady character dancing with an Indian. I’m sure that’s the guy from The Good The Bad & The Ugly. See if you agree.


A special thanks to Tel

I’ve had great fun writing this review of Monday Night, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the great photographs, taken on the night, by Tel Jenkins. Tel is a major reason why we all love going to Ceroc Heaven events. He takes such wonderful pictures and we all love viewing them on the Ceroc Heaven Facebook page a few days later. Somehow Tel managed to capture the essence of this Fun Class Night. It’s not just the skill he has in setting up his camera, its also how he frames the images and captures the moment. Thanks Tel for all your hard work this year in capturing the fun we all have at Ceroc Heaven events.

Thanks also to those who came in fancy dress

You made the night. My favourite costume, you guessed it already, was Clint Eastwood as he appeared in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Here he is with two other fun-loving cowboy characters.