New to Modern Jive?

If you are looking to take your first step as a Modern Jive Dancer you’ll be looking for a class night. You can of course use Google to find  one, but there is one site that lists practically every modern jive class in the country – UK Jive. This site not only lists all the classes, but it also has a comprehensive list of the freestyle that run each week (there is a link to UK Jive at the end of this article).

Ceroc Newsletters

A large number of people learn to dance modern jive at a Ceroc Dance Class. These organisations have their own newsletters and will list all their classes and their upcoming freestyles. These newsletters also publicise their workshops.

Dance Organisation Websites

Most dance organisations, large or small, have websites that list their class venues, workshops and freestyles. Many also have dedicated Facebook Pages that publish reminders about their upcoming events.

UK Jive – The Holy Grail

As mentioned above, there is really only one website that you need (see link at the end of this article). It appears to list every class and freestyle venue in the UK, except for the freestyles in London (perhaps someone can explain why this is). Most of the dancers I know use UK Jive to plan their weekend dancing, and I use it extensively in planning which new venues to visit and review.

UK Jive for Dance Classes

Click ‘classes’ from the top menu bar and you get a list that breaks the country in to regions. Within each region the classes are listed by county. The list shows the nearest main town, the organisations name, followed by the address and the day of the week the lesson is held. There is a link from the dance organisations name to a page, that gives more information including contact details. It is a very comprehensive and easy to use guide.

UK Jive for Freestyles

The Home page displays a list showing the freestyles across the country (except for London) for the week ahead. There is a link to a page which shows the freestyles for the next four weeks. The lists are in date order and shows the nearest main town, followed by the dance organisations name and the venue address. Like the class page, there is a link from the organisations name to a page with more details.

London Freestyles

As I said above UK Jive does not list the details of freestyles in London. To get round this, I made a list of the organisations that run classes in London using UK Jive’s class listings. I then visit their websites to check out their freestyle diaries.

Find classes when work takes you away

Modern Jive is a very sociable thing to do, and my experience, of travelling round to write my reviews, has confirmed that you will be welcome at any venue large or small. I’ve met many people at dance classes, who work away from home during the week, and who use the UK Jive site to find a local class.

Dance every night of the week

Because the UK Jive website puts so many venues at your finger tips you can find places to dance every night of the week. I know people who have used the site to dance seven or more nights on the trot.

A Bloggers Friend

As I mentioned earlier the UK Jive site is a great help to me when seeking out new places to review. In a few weeks time I am journeying south to a family get together in West London. The party is on Saturday night, so I’m thinking of breaking my journey by visiting a freestyle on the Friday night. The UK Jive site has given me a list of options.

Is the dance venue any good?

Once you’ve found a class or freestyle venue to visit, it would be nice to know if it was going to be any good. UK Jive is an excellent listings site and offering reviews is not its remit. Of course this blog is slowly building up a list of reviews, that one day might include a large number of the class and freestyle venues on the UK Jive site. However this blog, on its own, will never be able to offer a comprehensive national list of reviews.

Guest Reviews might be the answer

I suspect that the Modern Jive scene is too small scale for someone to come up with an internet business model, that will be able to develop a site, that can rates all classes and freestyles nationwide.  One idea I have had, to improve this blogs coverage, is to offer space to guest reviewers. Please let me know if you’d be interested in doing this. In the meantime I’ll just keep sticking a pin in the UK Jive listings and putting the postcode in to my sat nav.

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