Spread the word about Modern Jive with this video

Ever wanted to explain the fun you have at Modern Jive to your friends, but can’t find the words – then send them the link to this video (see below).

The guys at Ceroc Liverpool recently re-tweeted a link to a great video which explains the joy and fun of Modern Jive.  Titled What is Social Dancing? it explains in both pictures and narrative the appeal of this wonderful dance scene.  It was posted by David Addis with this description:

A lot of people ask me “what kind of dancing do you do?” And I have to admit, I struggle to explain it properly. Technically it’s Modern Jive, I learn it through a company called Ceroc.

But that doesn’t tell you everything else: about the wonderful mash-up of making friends, unexpected adventures and self-discovery. Maybe this video will go some way in explaining why we’re passionate about what we do, and why we’d love you to join in.

Having watched the video, it is a great advert for Modern Jive, and I’m surprised that I’d not come across it before.

The dialogue says it all

Here is some of the wonderful dialogue that explains the joy of social dancing like Modern Jive.  I couldn’t have put it better myself:

Social Dancing is where everyone dances with everyone

Dancing is joyous – it’s an escape from everyday life, and a time to come out and see friends, and move and forget everything else that’s happened.

You get to pretend you are a show dancer and perform

I love that its social and I get to meet people and hang out and make friends

It’s a bit like Cheers – Everyone knows your name and everyone’s glad you came

I just love that quote about Cheers, and it does sum up the friendly vibe of Ceroc and Modern Jive class nights.

Some background to the video

The video appears to an official Ceroc one, though it’s not featured on their excellent new website, which now gives easy access to some of their professionally produced videos – so thanks to David for posting it on YouTube.

The video is set in the Star and Garter pub in Putney, which is the venue for Ceroc Putney’s class night.  Tim Sant, who teaches at this venue, is shown on stage, and I think it’s his voice delivering some of the voice over.  Perhaps Tim will post the video on to Official Ceroc Website.

Ceroc Liverpool seem a vibrant organisation

Having found the video through Ceroc Liverpool’s Twitter feed, I quickly read more of their Tweets.  I have to say that I found it a great resource of inspiring dance videos and articles, and I’d suggest, if you have a Twitter account, to start following them.

The Ceroc class in Liverpool is part of the much larger Ceroc Addiction Franchise, that runs classes around Manchester and The North West.  The class in Liverpool was launched in September 2016.  If their social media activity is anything to go by, I suspect the venue is doing very well, because the guys and gals running it have a very proactive Facebook page as well as their excellent Twitter feed.

The Ceroc class is held at Elm Hall, Elm Hall Drive, L18 5HX Liverpool.  Thanks again to Ceroc Liverpool for sharing David’s Ceroc video.

Spread the word with this link

Facebook is a great way to spread the word about Modern Jive and Ceroc.  I know lots of people post pictures of themselves dancing, and  that seeing these pictures has inspired many friends to enquire about classes.  If like David, you want to really explain to your friends what all the fuss is about, then please copy and paste the link below to your time line.


Visit the Liverpool Ceroc Twitter Feed