The Funk Hour – Sunday Afternoon

This is a session I have underlined in my programme twice – first on Saturday afternoon and then again on the Sunday listing. You just can not get enough Funk – two doses is a minimum. Sadly I had to miss the Saturday afternoon funk fix, because I failed to pace myself on Friday night/Saturday morning – dancing in the main room until late, then blogging until 4.30 am.

I did manage to staggered out of bed in time for the Swinger’s Hour, but after sixty minutes of Rockin’ and Rollin’ I had to have a lie down and so missed my first shot of funk.

Getting Funky with The Funk Master

Because I missed the Saturday Funk Fix, come Sunday morning my Funk Meter is dangerously low. This time I pace myself through the Swingers Hour, and as Vince Silva takes to the decks I’m ready to recharge my Funk levels. If this all sounds a little OTT let me explain. I’m a bit of a Funk Junkie. As I write this I’ve got one of Vince’s choices blasting out of my DJ Headphones – it’s funky and it’s by the Funk Master himself, Mr James Brown.

The ‘What was that track’ Moment

So I’m dancing away, and suddenly I find myself connecting with something exceptionally funky. What the hell is it? Is that James Brown? Back in the seventies I was a student in Brighton. No Motown or Northern Soul on the South Coast. Brighton was Funk Central and every night they played the long version of Get up I feel like being a sex machine.

The track, that was funking me out, had to be James Brown. At the end I rushed over to Vince, ‘What was that track?’  He enthusiastically told me it was indeed James Brown with a remix of It’s too funky in here by. I’m not sure which remix it was, but here’s the Funkstar Deluxe working – it will do the trick.

Main Stream Funk will do me

What impressed me so much about Vince’s playlist, was how he mixed main stream Funk tracks with less known tracks. We all want to connect with the tracks we are dancing to. It helps if we’ve danced to them on regular basis. Stomp by The Brothers Johnson is a good example of a track we all know and love, but I’ll feature another well loved track that Vince treated us all to. Tom Browne’s Funkin’ for Jamaica is just loaded – who can not connect with that heavy hypnotic bass.

Vince mixes it up with some ’70s and ’80s Disco

Vince’s set had all the areas of the Boudoir doing some serious funky dancing. There was something for everyone, and his selections of ’70s and ’80s Disco seemed to be loved by The Funk Faithful. It seems we can not get enough of Earth Wind and Fire’s September and Odyssey’s Going back to my roots kept the funky groove alive.

One of these disco tracks really put a smile on my face. I suspect I wasn’t the only one loving Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste of Honey. I’ve embedded a modern remix. I just love it when they sing ‘Listen to my basses’, and a Funk infested instrumental break takes over.

Time for a Vince Exclusive

I love it when DJs surprise us with tracks like Boogie oogie oogie, but what impresses me is when I hear something new that I connect with instantly. I hope that Vince will forgive me if I’ve got the wrong version of this track, but having found it I’ve got to feature it. Jingo is little more than an hypnotic beat with bongos. It was a daring choice, but Vince played it just at the right time. His previous tracks had got the dancers in to the Funk Zone, and this kept them happily there.


A funky delight from K C and The Sunshine Band

I hadn’t heard Give it up in an age, but this K C and The Sunshine Band track really worked, being both funky and perfect to modern jive to.  Throughout his set Vince kept reminding me about tracks that we should be dancing to a lot more. Walking on sunshine by Rockers Revenge was another one.

I realise that there is only so much music that can be squeezed into a Freestyle playlists. This is what makes Southport such a great occasion – it’s a chance to dance to so much great music, we might not otherwise hear. The same goes for the Funk Hour, so here’s Give it up – something tells me we might not get to dance to it again for some time.

Vince finishes with a favourite of mine

I’ll finish my review by mentioning one last wonderful track. Its wasn’t the funkiest, but for me it was the track I that put the biggest smile on my face. For many of us music accompanies us through the ups and downs of our lives. Over the years this particular track has been a good companion to me, and it must surely lift the spirit of any one who dances to it.

Van McCoy’s The Hustle was inspired by the dance craze of the same name. When you see John Travolta strutting his stuff in Saturday Night Fever he is doing The Hustle. Watch the video and The Hustle looks a lot like modern jive – that’s probably why it’s so easy to dance to this track. Vince finished his set with it, and everybody had a smile on their face. Its little wonder that so many people burst out clapping when the song finally came to an end.

I’ll let James Brown have the last word

Looking back this was the best hour of dancing over The Southport weekend. Fabulous set Vince. I was so pleased to join in the applause at the end. The Funk Hour was nothing short of what it was advertised to be. My Funk Levels were restored (sorry about the over use of the Funk puns). It had been a great hour of dancing. So good I’ll leave it to James Brown, the Godfather of Funk, to have the last word –

‘Too funky in here….. give me some air’