Time to get writing again

I’m just about recovered from another great Southport Weekender and it’s time to think about writing some reviews.  Because of all the other writing projects I’m currently working on, sadly I’ll only be doing a couple of pieces on Southport.

The first is a review of one of lessons I attended and then I’m planning on putting together a Top Ten Thunderball Room Track List, and a Top Ten Chill-out List.

I hope to find the true spirit of Southport

I always want to try to find different ways to look at topics, so in doing these two track lists I hope I can use the music as a way to finding the true spirit of Southport.  Southport is of course about dancing, but the dancing would be nothing without the music, and I heard some fabulous music over the weekend from a top roster of DJs.

Give me a couple of weeks

Not only do I have a bit of a backlog of writing projects – I’ve two more episodes of my Tea Dance Tour to write up, and then I’m giving myself a break from dancing and writing and heading off to Rome for a few days.

Hopefully I’ll make a start on these Top Ten Track Lists in a couple of weeks.  I’m really looking forward to reliving the weekend through the great music.

In the meantime dance yourself dizzy

In the meantime here’s a track that I think shows the fun we all have at Southport.  It was played by Sheena Assiph on Sunday night.  Ten minutes earlier DJ Tony Riccardi had set The Thunderbolt Room floor on fire with Gonzalez’s Disco classic I haven’t stopped dancing yet.

I’m sure everyone on the floor had a joyful dance to it – I certainly did.  As it finished I wanted more of the same sheer dance joy, and to my great delight, a few tracks later Sheena served up another disco delight with Liquid Gold’s Dance yourself dizzy.

Is this the true spirit of Southport?

I’m sure that many of the people on the floor, as Tony and Sheena span their disco delights, would agree that here was the true spirit of Southport, but I know that we all experience and respond to music differently.

In my track lists I hope to find other examples from this great dance fest that go some way to explaining the true spirit of Southport.  As I said above just give me a few weeks.