Where’s Wally? Dancing at West Bridgford


Wally and a load of impersonators turned up for a fun class at Ceroc Heaven last night. Kali did the Wiggling and Jiggling routine again and yours truly ended up on the stage demonstrating how NOT to do a body roll! Click the link to read how the Cowboys and Indians got on with the Wiggling on Monday night.

Wow! What was that track

I love it when I’m dancing to something I don’t know and I suddenly realise its pretty damn good. DJ Roy Blewitt treated me to such a track at The Ceroc Passion class night at Braunstone, Leicester last night. I thought it might be a Country & Western song, but its by an English artist Teddy Thompson. Recorded in 2011 its best described as Folk/Rock – a genre of music few DJs dip into. It was a refreshing change, so well done to Roy for giving it a spin.

In Party Heaven with Cowboys and Indians, and a Gal called Clint


Its Christmas Party Time and Ceroc Heaven got the week off to a great start, with a Cowboys and Indians themed class night at The Grange in Ratcliffe on Trent. It was more like a freestyle with over a hundred dancers all in the Christmas Spirit. As always, with The Ceroc Heaven Crowd, many had really gone to town with their costumes. My favourite was the woman dressed as Clint Eastwood from his spaghetti western days, complete with the chewed cigar and mean look. One of the gang, who always entertains us with his fancy dress, came as a blue and yellow Minion – apparently he misheard and thought the theme was Cowboys and Minions!

Instead of the normal Beginners’ Refresher  and Intermediate classes, Kali got everyone together for a fun class, which involved a lot of wiggling to an amazing piece of funky music. I’m just waiting for Tel’s pictures, and then I’ll post a full review of this hilarious lesson, along with the music from Funkstar de luxe. Where ever you dance this week, I hope you have the same amount of fun as we all had last night.

So Much Great New Music

Just got to tell you about the great music set played by DJ Colin Shaul at Leroc Surrey Freestyle in Leatherhead on Friday Night. He played so many tracks I hadn’t heard before and they were so danceable. I’ll have a full review on the blog by Tuesday, but in the meantime let me showcase one particular track – Sweet Caroline by DJ Otsi. I’ve embedded a live version which shows the sheer joy his audience were experiencing singing along. I loved it and had a smile on my face all the way through the dance. Surely everyone should have a ‘Sweet Caroline’ moment at least once a week.

Full review now posted. Click here to read.

Off on my Dance Travels


Off to see friends in London this weekend so hoping to visit the Leroc freestyle at Leatherhead. I’ve been several times before, so I know the music will be good. The poster on their Facebook page suggests every dance track will be a classic. Can’t wait!