Writing about my Top 5 Freestyles

Just chillin’ out by the pool and reading the latest best selling novel is a wonderful thing to do on holiday. For me it’s an opportunity to do some writing, so each morning I’ve given myself time to write about my Top 5 Freestyles from the past year.

The previous article in this series – My Top 5 Classes, was one of the most read articles I’ve written, as it was shared all over Facebook. I’m aware that people will be equally interested in this new article, so I’ve given myself plenty of time while I’ve been laying by the pool, to think about which freestyles will get my vote.

I’ve almost finished the article now and I hope to get it posted on Wednesday evening. (Posted Tuesday 26 September)

Taking a break on The Mamma Mia Island

I’m currently taking a break from dancing on Skiathos, one of the locations for the dance movie Mamma Mia. The scene where the Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan characters race to catch the boat was filmed in Skiathos Harbour.

Most of the scenes were filmed on neighbouring Skopolos, and you can join hordes of Mamma Mia fans on boat trips to look at some of the famous locations. These including the iconic Agios Ionnis church on the hill at Kastri off the coast of Skopolos. Sadly your view from the boat doesn’t feature the candle lit stairway to the church.

I’m not a fan of these boat trips, especially when the soundtrack of the film is blared out of the speakers every time you approach one of the locations. What I do recommend is watching the film in the open air cinema in Skiathos town. It’s always packed and everybody sings all the famous songs.

Yes I did join in and I was on my feet with every one else when the cast danced to Dancing Queen. Sadly there was no room for any Modern Jiving, but I do my best dad dancing along with the rest of the audience. (Posted Monday 25 September)

My Strictly Come Dancing ambition

No I’m not wanting to go on Strictly come dancing. Sadly I’d be lucky if I got on to The Z List of Celebrities. No I’ve a different kind of ambition. Strictly has a massive audience, and there must be thousands of people who watch it, who get inspired to dance themselves. Now I know that dancing Modern Jive isn’t the same as doing The Viennese Waltz or The Quick Step, but hey its a lot easier, and it might also be a lot more fun.

I shall be starting an article entitled ‘Inspired to Dance by Strictly’ to co-inside with the launch of the show proper in two weeks. I’ll add to it every week with references to how Modern Jive and Ceroc can give people an easy entry in to the world of partner dancing. To get any kind of readership I’m going to have to some how get up the Google rankings, so that when people search for articles about Strictly my blog appears in the listings. No easy task, but its worth a try, and hopefully I can help spread the word about Modern Jive. (Posted Sunday 10 September)

Back on local territory with 2 monster tracks

Last night I was back on local territory at Ceroc Heaven’s Grange Hall freestyle in Radcliffe on Trent. To think that it was a full week since I and the Ceroc Heaven faithful were meeting up at Southport. DJ Ashley Davis was on the decks and he served up some great music including two monster tracks that gave me the two best dances of the night.

I always appreciate a bit of ’70s dance music and Ash played a cracker. I don’t think Dan Hartman gets the credit he deserves – remember he did the original version of Take That’s Relight my fire – and when on the day of judgement The Great DJ in the sky announces the Top Twenty Disco Hits surely Instant replay will be on the list. 

I don’t think the next track has the universal appeal of Instant replay but if The Great DJ in the sky puts together a Modern Jive Top Twenty I’ll nominate this next track. She bangs by Ricky Martin has a thumping beat with energy to match. It’s a great mix of Latin infused Rock music, and I and my dance partner connected to its driving beat.  Needless to say we smashed it. (Posted Tuesday 12 September)

That was some Party

Back from Southport now, and spent Monday catching up on my sleep. Now I’m ready to start writing again. As I mentioned in my Preview (see link below) I’d decided not to do the same level of blogging from the event that I had done previously, however I did give myself one major project.

I decided to speak to as many people as possible about what they love about Southport. The answers were very enlightening – I was suddenly seeing Southport through a whole new set of eyes, and what I saw was amazing. So I’ve now started working on a posting called ‘What we LOVE about Southport’. I hope to have the introduction on the blog by Thursday morning, and I have enough material to keep me going for quite a few days (Posted Tuesday 5 September)

Preview of the Southport Weekender 

Lets get this party started

Its Friday morning and in four hours the Dance Gang sets off for Southport. We’ve all been looking forward to this for a long time, so now its time to get the party started. So here is Shaggy and Chaka Khan to kick it off with a thumping remix of Get my party on. (Posted Friday 1 September)