A couple of chill-out tracks from Marc & Rachel’s Daventry set

Time to feature a little chill-out music.  Last Saturday was another Daventry 3 Room Freestyle with Mark and Rachel holding court in the Chill-out Lounge.  Sue, who is a regular contributor to the blog, was one of the people enjoying Marc and Rachel’s wonderful music.  Sue picked out two tracks that are worthy of a mention.

The first, Havana by Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug, is currently getting a lot of plays in both main room and chill-out second rooms.  In fact I first really took notice of this track at the Ceroc Beds & Bucks freestyle at The Bedford Corn Exchange a couple of months ago. Not surprisingly it was Marc who was spinning the tracks that night too.


Camila Cabello is a Cuban born American and this explains the tracks laid back Cuban feel. I was intrigued to know a little more about the rapper Young Thug who accompanies Cabello. It turns out he is an American rapper who has been featured on other modern jive dance tracks. He shares the vocal duties on Calvin Harris’ Heatstroke with Ariana Grande and Pharrel Williams. Seems his choice of name is not holding him back!


The second of Sue’s picks was Wild thoughts by DJ Khaled ft Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. This track has had half a billion views on YouTube, but Marc and Rachel played the Mercmonk Reggeeton remix, which has had a mere eleven thousand. They know their stuff as this version has that something extra that gives it real Chillout Lounge credibility. (Posted Tuesday 24 October)

DJ Mark plays a thumping Triple

I was at Kelham Hall last night with Ceroc Heaven, and DJ Mark set the floor on fire with a high energy disco triple.  It all kicked off with Craig David’s Signed, sealed, delivered. This is a great dance track and I was lucky that my regular dance partner Jo was free to do the track justice.

Something told me that Mark was going to follow this up with another full on track, and that’s exactly what he did.  Edwin Starr’s H.A.P.P.Y. Radio is my mine and Jo’s favourite track of the moment. This ’80s disco smash is a real floor filler and myself and Jo were going to give it everything – and we did, and so did everyone else on the floor.

The adrenalin was doing it’s stuff, my heart was having a great workout, and half way through the track, the enjoyment monitor hit the red MAX mark. As it ended I thought to myself. ‘OK Mr DJ how are you going to follow that?’ ‘No problem Paul, how about Sylvester’s ’70s disco anthem You make me feel (Mighty real)?’ ‘Nice one Mark. Now Jo are you ready – let’s smash it!’

There are some amazing dance tracks out there, but that’s not enough to set the dance floor on fire. The track that precedes these full on tracks is just as important. In fact, there is quite an art to creating these hi-energy triple sets and that’s a mark of a great DJ. Here then is Mark’s triple track climax. (Posted Saturday 21 October)

Another slow-down delight

I love those moments in a freestyle when the DJ slows it down a little. Not too slow, something like The Temptations Lady Soul or Tone Damli’s 40 Years is just perfect. No need to do the close hold Blues moves, simply slow your modern jive moves and you’ll have a lovely dance.

I was on YouTube listening to some Tina Turner tracks when this delightful track came on. It’s instantly catchy and I think its got the right tempo to be another Lady Soul. See what you think to I don’t wanna fight. (Posted Friday 20 October)

New Derby Venue gets off to a good start

Saturday night saw the launch of a new Derby venue for Ceroc Passion, and it seems it got off to a good start.  For some reason Ceroc Passion were never able to establish their Rolls Royce Freestyle venue in Derby.  I find this strange as it’s a wonderful venue, and has a very well established Monday night class. It is also the place that I started my own Modern Jive journey some eight years ago.

The new venue is The Waterfall, opposite the railway station. This iconic building was built by The Midland Railway Company as a cultural and educational centre for its workers.  It’s great to think that it has found a new lease of life as a social venue.

Two of my favourite midland DJs were on duty. Rob Ambridge was in the main room and Roy Blewitt was spinning the tracks in the second chill out room. I understand that the attendance was very good and hopefully Ceroc Passion can build on this, and give Derby the outstanding Modern Jive venue it deserves. (Posted Monday 16 October)

Dance Tips for Ladies are on the way

After the success of my article Dance Tips for Men, I’m now doing the final edits on a sister article giving tips to ladies who are still a little anxious about making the jump from class nights to freestyles. I hope to have it published at the start of the week – I just need a few ladies to check it over first.

In the article I’ve used 40 years by Tone Damli to illustrate one of my points. What a delicious song this is and it’s such a joy to dance to. Here it is for those that want a fix of this gorgeous track. (Posted Friday 13 October)

On a London Class Night Road Trip

I’ve got the chance to visit my two daughters in London this week, so I took an opportunity to do a bit of a road trip around some classes while I was here.  I’ll post a review of each of them during next week, but here’s a snippet of each.

Tuesday saw me at Dorking Halls with LeRoc Surrey.  This is a very long standing class that was struggling to maintain viable numbers, but I’d heard that Colin and Evelyn had turned it round and it was very busy again.   I was interested to chat with Colin to hear how he had done it.

On Wednesday I visited a class that perhaps has the best location in the whole of Britain.  It was quite warm on the night, and it was great to wander out through the large doors and cool down in an open area.  Here’s the view that greeted me.

The venue was Ceroc London’s Westminster Bridge class night that’s held in Shepherds Hall inside St Thomas Hospital.  I understand that they hold two room monthly freestyles here – they must be very popular with this iconic setting.

Thursday night I was a little more provincial, as I drove through the suburbs of South West London to Ceroc Surrey’s West Byfleet class.  This is a very busy class night that is overflowing with the joys of social dancing. Its all down to a great crowd led by effervescent teacher Jackie.

Three wonderful classes each with their own individual story.  I can’t wait to tell you all about them and hopefully the first review will be on the blog early next week. (Posted Friday 13 October)

DJ Ian’s last Pirate Jive at The Shed

Last night was the last time that Ian McLeod span the tracks at Pirate Jive’s The Shed Freestyle in Nottingham, before he heads off for a new life in Scotland.  This is a much loved venue that Ian has built up over many years with his distinctive playlist.

I thought that Ian deserves some kind of recognition for creating one of the biggest Modern Jive venues in the East Midlands, so I’ve started working on an article to pay tribute to his contribution to this great dance scene.  Hopefully it will be ready in a couple of weeks.

Fortunately the venue will survive as Gary Wharton of Notts Jive Crew is is taking the venue over.  Gary’s playlists have a similar feel to Ian’s, and so The Shed will continue to offer an alternative music choice to the local Ceroc franchise – no bad thing. (Posted Saturday 8 October)

Colin rocks the floor at Tylney Hall again

I got a chance to dance again at LeRoc Surrey’s Freestyle at Tylney Hall in Leatherhead last night. Once again DJ Colin Shaul served up a great set of dance music. As always there were plenty of rockin’ tunes including two big favourites of mine. The first is Johnnie Johnson’s version of the blues classic Kansas City. Johnson’s great piano playing ensures that this track rocks along from the very start.


The second is perhaps the best rock ‘n’ roll infused track I’ve danced to in the last year. It’s Club Savoy by Rockin’ Louise and The Mamma Jammers (what a name for a group). Be prepared before you hit the play button, because this track is going to raise your heart beat to danger levels.  (Posted Sunday 8 October)

Thank you to all the readers of my Ceroc & Modern Jive Blog

I just wanted to thank all the readers who have visited the blog over the past two weeks – almost two and a half thousand of you. The three main reads have been the review of Medfest, the dance tips for men and the article about my top 5 freestyles (see links below). There has been a thousand sessions on the Top 5 Freestyle post and the article where I give tips to men on going to their first freestyles is not far behind.

I’ve been following the reaction and comments on Facebook, and I want to also thank the people who take time to give feedback. It makes me realise that people are enjoying my take on the wonderful Modern Jive scene, and encourages me to find new ways of looking at it. Here are the three posts that have proved so popular. (Posted Saturday 7 October)

I look at giving dance tips to men based on my own often difficult experiences

I select the best freestyles from my travels over the past year

I work in collaboration with DJ Sue Astle to review Ceroc Medfest

Another remix gem from Marc Forster

DJ Marc Forster played so many great tracks during my recent visit to Bedford that I wasn’t able to feature them all in my review. Here’s one that I thought worthy of a separate mention, because it proves yet again how much we rely on remixes to keep the music we dance to fresh and exciting.

The Eurythmics had a massive hit with Here comes the rain back in 1984, but Marc dug out the Freemasons remix from 2016 which has given this track a new lease of life and made it perfect to modern jive to.


Researching this track has also focused my attention on the Freemasons themselves. I now realise that The Freemasons are responsible for quite a few of the tracks we dance to. It’s these guys who gave us the fabulous remix of Hurts’ Wonderful life. (Posted Sunday 1 October)

Writing about my Top 5 Freestyles

Just chillin’ out by the pool and reading the latest best selling novel is a wonderful thing to do on holiday. For me it’s an opportunity to do some writing, so each morning I’ve given myself time to write about my Top 5 Freestyles from the past year.

The previous article in this series – My Top 5 Classes, was one of the most read articles I’ve written, as it was shared all over Facebook. I’m aware that people will be equally interested in this new article, so I’ve given myself plenty of time while I’ve been laying by the pool, to think about which freestyles will get my vote.

I’ve almost finished the article now and I hope to get it posted on Wednesday evening. (Posted Tuesday 26 September)

Taking a break on The Mamma Mia Island

I’m currently taking a break from dancing on Skiathos, one of the locations for the dance movie Mamma Mia. The scene where the Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan characters race to catch the boat was filmed in Skiathos Harbour.

Most of the scenes were filmed on neighbouring Skopolos, and you can join hordes of Mamma Mia fans on boat trips to look at some of the famous locations. These including the iconic Agios Ionnis church on the hill at Kastri off the coast of Skopolos. Sadly your view from the boat doesn’t feature the candle lit stairway to the church.

I’m not a fan of these boat trips, especially when the soundtrack of the film is blared out of the speakers every time you approach one of the locations. What I do recommend is watching the film in the open air cinema in Skiathos town. It’s always packed and everybody sings all the famous songs.

Yes I did join in and I was on my feet with every one else when the cast danced to Dancing Queen. Sadly there was no room for any Modern Jiving, but I do my best dad dancing along with the rest of the audience. (Posted Monday 25 September)

My Strictly Come Dancing ambition

No I’m not wanting to go on Strictly come dancing. Sadly I’d be lucky if I got on to The Z List of Celebrities. No I’ve a different kind of ambition. Strictly has a massive audience, and there must be thousands of people who watch it, who get inspired to dance themselves. Now I know that dancing Modern Jive isn’t the same as doing The Viennese Waltz or The Quick Step, but hey its a lot easier, and it might also be a lot more fun.

I shall be starting an article entitled ‘Inspired to Dance by Strictly’ to co-inside with the launch of the show proper in two weeks. I’ll add to it every week with references to how Modern Jive and Ceroc can give people an easy entry in to the world of partner dancing. To get any kind of readership I’m going to have to some how get up the Google rankings, so that when people search for articles about Strictly my blog appears in the listings. No easy task, but its worth a try, and hopefully I can help spread the word about Modern Jive. (Posted Sunday 10 September)

Back on local territory with 2 monster tracks

Last night I was back on local territory at Ceroc Heaven’s Grange Hall freestyle in Radcliffe on Trent. To think that it was a full week since I and the Ceroc Heaven faithful were meeting up at Southport. DJ Ashley Davis was on the decks and he served up some great music including two monster tracks that gave me the two best dances of the night.

I always appreciate a bit of ’70s dance music and Ash played a cracker. I don’t think Dan Hartman gets the credit he deserves – remember he did the original version of Take That’s Relight my fire – and when on the day of judgement The Great DJ in the sky announces the Top Twenty Disco Hits surely Instant replay will be on the list. 


I don’t think the next track has the universal appeal of Instant replay but if The Great DJ in the sky puts together a Modern Jive Top Twenty I’ll nominate this next track. She bangs by Ricky Martin has a thumping beat with energy to match. It’s a great mix of Latin infused Rock music, and I and my dance partner connected to its driving beat.  Needless to say we smashed it.

That was some Party

Back from Southport now, and spent Monday catching up on my sleep. Now I’m ready to start writing again. As I mentioned in my Preview (see link below) I’d decided not to do the same level of blogging from the event that I had done previously, however I did give myself one major project.

I decided to speak to as many people as possible about what they love about Southport. The answers were very enlightening – I was suddenly seeing Southport through a whole new set of eyes, and what I saw was amazing. So I’ve now started working on a posting called ‘What we LOVE about Southport’. I hope to have the introduction on the blog by Thursday morning, and I have enough material to keep me going for quite a few days (Posted Tuesday 5 September)

Preview of the Southport Weekender 

Lets get this party started

Its Friday morning and in four hours the Dance Gang sets off for Southport. We’ve all been looking forward to this for a long time, so now its time to get the party started. So here is Shaggy and Chaka Khan to kick it off with a thumping remix of Get my party on.

A funk gem from The ’80s got me thinking

While driving along the other day I was listening to random tracks on the car stereo, when suddenly a huge funk hit from 1980 came on. I’d forgotten about Don’t push it, don’t force it by Leon Haywood, but it was a monster of a dance track back in the early ’80s. It got me thinking about the music that first ignites our dancing bug.

I had got my love of dance music at a time when Motown and disco reigned supreme. But there is a whole generation of people out on the dance floor who would have had their dance education to the funk of the late ’70s and early ’80s. This was the time of Kool and The Gang – Ladies night, Celebration and their funkiest hit Get down on it – and  KC and The Sunshine Band’s wonderful funk workout (Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty.

So Mr DJ on behalf of all those people who were ‘getting down on it’ in 1982 to Kool and the Gang can you please play some more funk. Don’t push it, don’t force it would be a good start. Thank you.

Thanks to all the people who entered the Caption Competition

The caption competition is now closed. We have been really pleased with the number of entries we’ve had, and there are some really good ones. It’s going to take Mark and Sue some time to pick out the winner, but I’ll be announcing the result on Thursday next week, with a special posting that will feature some of the runner’s up too.

Neon fancy dress is a winner at Hucknall

Ceroc Heaven’s Neon themed night was a winner as the Hucknall freestyle had the best attendance this year. Seems that the people loved the idea of standing out on the dance floor in some very garish colours.  I’m pleased to see venues trying out new ideas, and this seems to be one that brought a real sense of fun to the dance floor. I have no doubt it will become a regular event in the Ceroc Heaven calendar.

Last chance to win Ceroc Heaven freestyle tickets

The closing date for the caption competition is this Friday. Just fill in the speech and thought bubbles with a dance related theme and make the judges laugh. The best entry wins two tickets to any Ceroc Heaven Freestyle before Christmas. I’m pleased to say we’ve had some great entries. I’ll be announcing the winner on Wednesday next week. For details of how to enter just follow the link.

At last an excuse to play some Communards

It’s not long until Strictly Come Dancing starts again, and I’ve been watching the line up unfold. One of the more interesting celebrities is The Reverend Richard Coles. He is billed as the only UK vicar to have had a chart-topping single. In fact he had two as a founder member, along with Jimmy Somerville, of 1980s group The Communards.

The Communards covered two of the best dance tracks from the ’70s and made them their own. I’ve been wanting an excuse to feature their version of Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes Don’t leave me this way for some time. The guy on the piano wearing glasses is a very young Richard Coles.

I wonder how long it will be before this song gets mentioned by Bruno in one of his highly strung judgements. I can’t wait. May be DJs could play this fantastic track at every freestyle while Rev Richard remains in the competition.

One of the best freestyles of the summer at Nuneaton

Occasionally I have a night off, but I don’t mean feet up watching re-runs of Strictly Come Dancing. No, I mean a night off from reviewing – no need to make any notes, not worrying about identifying the great tracks. Last night I was just an ordinary punter, along with some of my Nottingham Dance Gang friends, at the iDance freestyle in Nuneaton.

However I can’t let this one go without a mention. This was one of the best freestyles I’ve attended this summer. The place was packed, and even at the very end the floor was as busy at anytime in the evening. No one wanted to go home, and the warm round of applause DJ Ian received was just rewards for a fantastic set of dance music.

I’d visited this venue in April (see link to review below), when it was still getting off the ground, and I confidently predicted it would slowly gain an enviable reputation. Seeing how busy it was last night, and knowing where some of the people had travelled from, I can see that the word has got around. My dance friends loved it, and I don’t doubt we’ll make the round trip again soon.

One of the reason for Ian’s success is his great music. He doesn’t fill his playlist with tracks from the past few years, but treats his dancers to the modern jive classics we all love mixed in with his own exclusive finds. I hope he won’t mind if I highlight one standout track. James Morrison’s Nothing ever hurt like you has a Motown and Stax pedigree that makes this a wonderful dance track. (Posted Sunday 20 August)


To read my full review of the iDance freestyle at Nuneaton please follow the link


A Blues class without the close hold thing

Just back from a Blues Class. Yes me, the person who struggles with the close hold thing. The class was taken by Ceroc Heaven’s Ashley Davis, and right from the off, he stressed that Blues dancing did not necessarily mean getting too close. The first thing we were taught was the Blues hold with plenty of space between us and our partner.

That sorted, I have to say that I and the twenty five others had a really useful day. Ashley taught a relatively easy two and a half minute sequence of moves, that by the end of the day we could all dance to a full music track without too much repetition. Will I remember all the moves? I doubt it, but if I can remember a few and a little of the technique I’ll be happy.

The thing is, bit by bit, I’m slowly adding moves to my ‘slotted’ repertoire. It all started with the ‘Simply Slotted’ class at June’s Southport, where I picked up four moves. Then came the ‘SILC in 6’ series of lessons which really helped my slotted technique and added about another six moves. If I can remember just half of what we did today I’ll be able to dance a full three minutes without too much repetition, and subsequently I’m looking forward to spending a little more time in the SILC Zone at Southport in a couple of weeks. (Posted Saturday 19 August)

Want your dancing to light up the room – just wear fluorescent white

Few people like dancing in the spotlight – better to concentrate on connecting with your dance partner, without the worry that everyone’s watching you. Well its going to be difficult to be a shrinking violet this Friday at Ceroc Heaven’s first ever Neon Freestyle, at The John Godber Centre in Hucknall, near Nottingham.

Everybody’s been asked to wear Fluorescent colours and warned that white undergarments might just steal the show. I love it that modern jive organisations keep trying to find new ways to keep us all interested, and this sounds like its going to be a whole lot of fun. Now where did I put my fluorescent yellow DJ headphones and sun glasses. (Posted Thursday 17 August)

A Taxi Service for DJs

Recently I was in conversation with a DJ, and once again was wondering where they got all their fabulous exclusive tracks from. Of course there are lots of different ways in to the dance music vaults, but I was given the nod about a website called dance taxi (see web link below).

From the drop down box you can see that it offers its services to Modern Jive and other related dance genres. Essentially it publishes a revolving Top Ten based on tracks nominated by its members (anyone can register to nominate their favourite tracks).

I’ve been monitoring it for some time and I have to say that the same songs are often featured, but each week there are a couple of gems that are worth following up. This week I picked out Timbaland’s thumping The Way I Are for further consideration. See what you think. (Posted Wednesday 16 August)


To visit Dance Taxi just follow the link

Good dance shoes make all the difference

I must have been dancing over two years before I bought my first proper pair of dance shoes, and what a difference it made. I’d recommend that all the guys think about investing in a really good pair. Most quality dance shoes have a suede sole that makes turning and gliding so much easier.

Every year I treat myself to a new pair of Werner Kerns. They are made from the finest Italian Leather and fit like a glove. I was due a new pair so I visited my favourite dance shoe shop last Friday. I know a lot of people buy off the internet, but I just love going to Dance-Rite in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

It’s run by Susan Loades, and we always find time to chat about dancing. Susan is a keen Northern Soul dancer and often visits the monthly Gold Soul ‘Motown and Northern Soul Nights’ at Rolls Royce in Derby, of which I’m a great fan. Once again I’ve been enthusing about Modern Jive and I’m hoping Susan will come along to a lesson soon.

As I drove away from the shop I thought I might write a more detailed article about the importance of dance shoes and the different styles available. I might need a little help when it comes to the woman’s side of things, but I’m sure that Susan will be happy to give me some help. I’ll put it on my list of things to research. (Posted Friday 11 August)

POSTSCRIPT: I wore my new dance shoes for the first time on Saturday night at The Jive+ Motown Mega Mix Freestyle in Oxford. After four hours of non-stop dancing my new shoes still felt very comfortable – proof of the quality and craftsmanship of Werner Kern dance shoes. I thoroughly enjoyed the Motown Freestyle and I’ll be posting a review on the blog by Thursday.

DJ Martin pitches it just right for beginners

Last night I was at the Ceroc Heaven class night at Tapton Hall in Sheffield with DJ Martin Ward on the decks. I’ve had the pleasure of dancing to Martin’s musical picks before and have been very impressed – last night was no exception.  What struck me was how well Martin pitched the music for a class night. Nothing too complicated. It’s important to remember that the majority of people at class nights are not experienced dancers wanting to pit their musicality skills against changing rhythms and complex musical passages.

There are people in the lines who may be at their first few lessons. There will be people who are finally gaining in confidence, but who still need to dance to a simple four-four beat. Sure some of the paying customers will want something a little more challenging, but how about we leave those tracks until the end of the evening – lets not scare the beginners off.

Martin played two standout tracks that I thought were perfect for a class night, but are surprisingly seldom played. Craig David’s Signed, sealed, delivered has been getting a lot of plays lately, but it was great to hear One more lie from the same Motown influenced album. This track is built round The Four Tops Standing in the shadows of love and is just so easy to dance to.

A version of Dancing Queen that better than Abba’s

Martin then played a track I haven’t heard for an age, and again I can’t understand why it doesn’t get more plays at class nights. Abba’s Dancing Queen is an iconic dance track, but sadly its a little slow for Modern Jive. However Martin dug out a version by Abbacadabra that’s got the perfect tempo. I smiled all the way through it – great pick Martin (Posted Wednesday 9 August)

I’m trying to think of tips for ladies considering their first freestyle

One of the most popular posts on The Blog over the last two weeks, has been my two articles giving tips to men who are making the leap from class nights to freestyles. I’ve now received a request to think about any tips I might have for ladies who are thinking of doing the same.

As a man this is going to be something of a challenge, but I thought I’d explore the idea. I soon realised that I don’t really know what anxieties women may have about going to their first freestyle, so I thought I’d conduct a little market research. For the past week I’ve been asking some of the women I regularly dance with if they can remember what worries they had prior to going to their first freestyle. I’ve also been talking to ladies who have yet to make the leap to freestyles, and for whom the anxieties are very real.

The initial answers have been very informative, some have been quite surprising, and a few have brought a smile to my face. One thing it has proved is that the women were no less anxious than the men about going through the door of their first freestyle. It also proved that I was right to listen to the ladies before I started dispensing advice. I’ll continue my research for a little longer, and I’ll let you know when I’ve got a better understanding of what the issues are surrounding this subject.

In the meantime if any ladies would like to share their own thoughts about making the leap from class nights to freestyle please get in touch. The easiest way is to email me at paul@modernjivedancer.co.uk  The information you supply will be added to the general  research and no individual details will be given. (Posted Tuesday 8 August)

DJ Mark slips in Fontella Bass at The Grange

A cracking DJ set from Mark O’Reilly last night at another fab Ceroc Heaven Freestyle at The Grange, in Radcliffe on Trent. Mark mixed in a few of the tracks that went down so well in The Motown and Soul slot at the Summer Prom. I got another chance to dance to Thelma Houston’s Don’t leave me this way, and Edwin Starr’s disco classic Contact provided the best dance of the night.

Mark also slipped in Rescue me by Fontella Bass. This was, I think, the first time we’ve had a chance to dance to this iconic track at The Grange, and I’m pleased to say it proved to be a floor filler. Soul Boy Trivia – the distinctive bass line was created by Louis Satterfield, who went on to play trombone in Earth Wind and Fire, and later formed the Phenix Horns who featured on several Phil Collins albums. (Posted Sunday 6 August)

Your chance to win Ceroc Heaven Freestyle tickets

When I was going through Tel Jenkins’ photos of last weekend’s Ceroc Heaven Summer Prom, I couldn’t help think that one of the images would make a great Caption Competition. Ceroc Heaven have embraced the idea, and in conjunction with Tel and the blog, are running a competition to win 2 tickets to one of their great freestyles.

The picture actually captures the moment when DJ Ashley Davis interrupted the Main Room dancing to surprise fellow DJ Mark O’Reilly with a birthday cake, but by adding the speech and thought bubbles it makes a great picture for a caption competition. The idea is to fill the blanks with a dance related dialogue that’s guaranteed to make us laugh out load. Here’ s one I prepared earlier to give you an idea of what we are looking for.

To enter simply email your entries to me at paul@modernjivedancer.co.uk in the following format
Ashley says – “Your caption”
Mark thinks – “Your caption”
The closing date is Friday 25 August. Only one entry is allowed per email address. The prize is two tickets for any Ceroc Heaven Freestyle up to Christmas 2017. The entries will be judged by Mark and Sue O’Reilly of Ceroc Heaven and the winner will be announced on the blog with a special posting on Thursday 31 August. (Posted Friday 4 August)

Ain’t no stopping the dancers at Tapton Hall

Tel Jenkins has just posted this video of the freestyle last Friday at Tapton Hall in Sheffield. Not only does it show a very busy dance floor (I understand it was there busiest yet), it shows some very smooth dancing. Tel puts together edited clips from different parts of the evening, then over dubs one song track – loved that it was Ain’t no stopping us now. What’s amazing is that it looks, for the most part, like the people  were actually dancing to the over dubbed track.

These videos are a great way to promote freestyles, and I suspect Tel’s previous video of Tapton Hall has helped this venue grow its attendance. Ceroc Heaven are very lucky to have Tel, who is not a professional by the way, on their crew. I suspect there may be other keen amateur photographers out there, who would love the opportunity to take dance photographs and have a crack at doing a video. (Posted Tuesday 1 August)

To see the full range of Tel’s Ceroc Heaven Videos please follow the link