I’m often asked to name some of my favourite tracks. Of course there are hundreds of great tracks we dance to but I’ve come up with a list that I hope will get some approval. My criteria for choosing a track are that I must have heard it in at least three different venues and it should be at least 5 years old. The list is in no particular order and my seventh choice is Now I can dance by Tina Arena.

I have danced to this track at so many venues across the country, that I’m sure it’s on just about every DJ’s playlist. It’s one of those songs that I suspect every dancer loves and I can not imagine anyone ever getting fed up dancing to it. The song has a relaxed beat, with a Bossa Nova feel, and is an ideal accompaniment to every smooth move you know. No high energy moves with this one. Keep it nice and easy and allow both yourself and your partner to connect with its gentle free-flowing rhythm. And one other thing guys: this is an ideal song to give your female partner a little space to express her own musicality.

This track released in 1997 appears, from my research, to have made no impression on the British charts. Even the In Deep album it came from had little success outside of Tina’s home country of Australia and for some reason France. It begs the question once again, as to who first played it at a Modern Jive venue. I suspect that because it is such a nice track to dance to, its popularity was assured once a few DJs picked it up.

One of the nice things about this song is the wonderful lyric. Tina’s beautiful singing projects the words above the musical accompaniment so that you can’t help but connect with it. The lyric is described as a love letter from Tina to her family. I suspect that Tina left her home in Australia to pursue a music career in America, and this was her way of telling her family that she was alright – Give my mother a kiss, tell I’m OK. Tina goes on Though I can only image the sadness in your eyes, please understand, now I can dance.

Everybody will relate to song lyrics in a different way. I have always thought that the phrase Now I can dance is a metaphor for achieving those goals that other people thought might be out of your reach. Those that love us the most are often the one’s that hold us back the most too – they don’t want us to experience the pain of failure. This wonderful song is a reminder that we should be free to follow our dreams.

I have always felt lucky to have found dancing as a way to express myself. I can remember being a beginner and wondering if I would ever get to a level where I would stop stressing and start enjoying myself. I did a lot of lessons and workshops. I got a lot of help and encouragement in those early days and, in my own mind at least, Now I can dance. I wish for everyone that they can dance to this track as a celebration of their determination to be able to truly dance to the music.