A weekend full of great dance music

It is now an established Southport tradition that I select a ‘My Top Ten Tracks’ list from my time on the dance floor and in classes. What surprised me that once again, there was little duplication, and a lot of fresh new music amongst the DJs playlists. This is probably because the DJs have limited time slots across the weekend, and pack their playlists with many of their own exclusive floor fillers.

Not easy to keep the list to ten

I reckon I was on the dance floor for about twenty hours over the three days – that’s a lot of music I danced to. I was constantly hearing things I wanted for my list. In the end it was very difficult to keep the list to just ten. The tracks are listed as I heard them, in date order, starting with the Friday Night Motown and Northern Soul Freestyle.

A great variety of musical genres

As I spent most of my time in The Thunderball Room, many of my picks are full on dance anthems, but the list also contains tracks from other dance music genres. There are tracks I heard in the Blues Lounge and The SILC Zone, as well as one track from a dance class. I’d like to think that they give a real flavour of the musical delights on offer at this year’s Scorch Weekender

Ain’t that the truth  Junior Walker and The All Stars DJ John Baker, Cyclone Room Friday night

John Baker’s opening Motown and Northern Soul Freestyle included this fabulous instrumental from Junior Walker. In my younger days I was a great fan of Junior Walker, but never had the pleasure of dancing to this track back then.

Living  Bakermat – DJ Tony Ricardo, Thunderball Room Friday Night

I just love the way this track builds to a crescendo. When it hits the first note of the electro instrumental section, I’m in Dance Heaven. I heard this cracking track several times over the weekend and it was included in Tony Riccardi’s red hot Friday night set.

Dizzy  DIMMI – DJ Tony Ricardo, Thunderball Room Friday Night

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard this thumping track before DJ Sue Astle introduced me to it at St Neots. It has a thumping beat from the off, and like the Bakermat track, it slowly builds towards a climax. At the point where the sax solo kicks in I’m totally absorbed.  Another selection from Tony Riccardi’s top drawer set.

Word Up  Cameo – DJ Tony Ricardo, Thunderball Room Friday Night

This thumping lump of Funk gave me possibly the best dance of the weekend. The third track from Tony Riccardi’s set on the opening night – no wonder he set the floor on fire.

Corina, Corina  Big Joe Turner – DJ Tiggerbabe, Swingers Hour Saturday Afternoon

Swingers hour is one of my favourite bits of Southport. As a committed Rock ‘n’ Roller I was there in my Teddy Boy outfit amongst all the ladies in their fabulous retro styled dresses. I consider Big Joe Turner to be one of the fathers of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and quite a few of his rockin’ tracks got played over the two sessions. I’ve picked Corina, Corina from Tiggerbabe’s Saturday afternoon set.

Good times roll  Shaggy – DJ Ross, Sack the DJ session SILC Zone Sunday Afternoon

Another amazing track that had passed me by until DJ Sue Astle played it at St Neots in May. I was in the SILC Zone waiting for the Swingers Hour to start when this fabulous piece of funky music came on. I got another chance to dance to this great track in Lyndsey Bennett’s Double Trouble class later in the afternoon.

Chase the sun  Planet Funk – DJ Roy Blewitt, Thunderball Room Sunday Night

Sunday night/Monday morning had an incredible vibe. I first sensed we were in for a special night when DJ Roy Blewitt played this mainly instrumental track. Like so many great electro tracks it builds towards a crescendo, and then a thumping bass kicks in – the type of full on dance track you can lose yourself in.

I’ll walk away  James Hunter – DJ Tim Sant, Thunderball Room Sunday Night

I could fill half this list with tracks from Tim Sant’s rockin’ Sunday night set, but I’ll just feature the track he finished his set off with. I’ll walk away was one of the most refreshing sounds I danced to all weekend. It’s gentle, but well defined, pace still worked with modern jive moves, and I just hope one of my local DJs will pick it up, as I’d love another chance to dance to it.


How many more years  Howlin’ Wolf – DJ Rachel Pears, Blues Lounge Sunday Night

You can always rely on Rachel to play something extra special. This piece of classic blues works for modern jive, SILC and close-hold blues dancing. I tried out my recently acquired Slot technique and it worked wonderfully.

Cut your teeth (Kygo remix)  Kyla  La Grange – DJ Tim Sant, SILC Zone Sunday Night

After setting the floor on fire in the Thunderball Room, Tim Sant also had a gentler slot in the SILC Zone a couple of hours later. Here he played a SILC/Blues favourite. Once again I tried dancing in The Slot – again with some success. A great way to end my Southport dance fest.

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