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I’m hoping to build my Last night a DJ saved my life column in to a definitive article about life behind the decks on The Modern Jive circuit.  Many of the people out on the dance floor have a real passion for music, and they would love to get some insight in to the life of a DJ.

My article about my Top Ten Dance Tracks for 2016/17 (see link below) has been one of the most read I’ve ever written, and proves just how much interest there is in the music we all dance to.

I know that there are various DJ groups on Facebook, but because my blog has a following across the whole Modern Jive Community, I hope it will offer DJs an opportunity to communicate with a wider audience, including the dancers themselves.

I need your help

It goes without saying that for the column to gain credibility it needs to have contributions from across the Modern Jive spectrum, so I’m throwing it open to all the DJs who ply their trade in Main Room, Modern Blues, Smooth Jive, SILC and WCS freestyles.  I know there are many people who simply DJ at class nights – I’d love to hear from you too.

Let’s make a start

I suspect that the column will take on a life of its own, and I already have many ideas as to how it could develop, but we have to start somewhere, so here goes.

Below is a list of topics that DJs might like to write about.  It’s not a definitive list, and please feel free to write about any aspect that you think the readers of the blog will enjoy reading about.

  • A review of a freestyle from your side of the decks
  • Some highlights from your playlist. Tracks that went down very well
  • Your DJing background.  I know a lot of MJ DJs started out in clubs.  Perhaps you were a dancer first
  • Insight in how you put a playlist together
  • What makes a floor filler
  • Does the age of the dancers make any difference
  • How you build the vibe out on the floor
  • Your favourite gigs
  • Your favourite music genres
  • How you deal with requests
  • How do you judge the audience feedback

Like I said the list is endless, and in the interest of creativity, it’s sometimes best to just write about what comes in to your head.

My guiding principals

It goes without saying that any articles and comments must meet the principles that have guided me as I’ve developed my blog.

The first is that the blog is designed to promote the positive aspects of this wonderful dance scene.  It is not a platform to get things of your chest.

Secondly, I never write a bad review.  I usually attend functions unannounced, and only identify myself if and when I know that I can write a positive review.  Trust me there have been many occasions when I’ve chosen to keep my mouth shut, and just fade away.  Where I sometimes let organisers know that I’m coming in advance, I’ve always done background checks to make sure I’m going to a well supported venue.

Thirdly, the only full names that are published are those of the organisers, teachers and DJs.  I increasingly use quotes from dancers in my reviews, but I only use people’s first names, i.e Janet from Nottingham, unless they give permission to fully identify themselves.

I’ll do the writing if necessary

Please do not worry about the quality of your writing.  I will always edit the articles, and if you are worried about your writing abilities I can always write up an article based on a few quotes or bits of information.

I will always send contributors a final version for them to check over before anything is published.

The Question and Answer format

The format that has worked very well so far is a Question and Answer one.  It’s a way of breaking up large chunks of text in to more modern bit-size pieces.  It also allows me to represent the readers interest.

The way it’s worked in the past is that DJs have sent me an article, or simply notes and I’ve worked it in to a conversation.  There usually follows a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing on Messenger to add a little more detail.  It’s a method that makes it easier for the DJs to contribute.

How to get in touch

If you are interested in contributing an article or want to ask any questions simply email me at  If you prefer Messenger please look me up on Facebook as Paul Jeffery and simply message me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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