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We all love Strictly Come Dancing 2016

It seems the whole country loves Strictly (well apart for the ones who watch X-Factor of course). This year the standard has been particularly high and some of the dance routines have been quite breath taking. Danny and Oti’s Samba will, I’m sure, go down in Strictly history and I loved Claudia’s and AJ’s Quick Step in the semi-final. For sheer entertainment value, Louise gets my vote for her performance dancing to The Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away). Everybody will have their favourite moments and hopefully people will be inspired enough to join a dance class and give it a go themselves.

Inspired to Dance?

I have no doubt that Ballroom classes across the land will see an upsurge in their numbers. Tango and Salsa classes will also see their fair share of new people wanting to emulate the celebrities they’ve followed, and voted for, the past couple of months. I’d like to think that there will be an upsurge in people coming along to Modern Jive classes too. I’d even go further than that, and make a case for people to try Modern Jive before they do any Ballroom or Latin dancing. My reasoning is simple – Modern Jive is a lot easier to get started with. To Ballroom or Latin dance you will need a partner. Finding some one to go with you can be a problem. At Modern Jive you don’t need a partner. The way the lessons are organised you’ll be dancing with lots of different people. Partner dancing isn’t for everyone and Modern Jive gives you a chance to find out.

Modern Jive is a great place to start your dance journey

After your first thirty minute Beginners’ Class you’ll be dancing with a partner. Unlike Ballroom you won’t be counting in your head ‘One – Two – Three – One – Two – Three’. You won’t be worrying too much about the footwork either and there’s a chance you’ll be loving it. Modern Jive gives you a chance to get to grips with some fundamentals – you’ll soon find if you can connect with the beat. If you were worried that you had two left feet you’ll probably find out very soon that you haven’t. If you are determine to try Ballroom or Latin dancing, then Modern Jive is a great place to start. Many people who start out at a Modern Jive class make the transition to Tango and Salsa in particular.

Modern Jive is a lot easier than The Ballroom Jive

I’m sure like me you were thrilled by Ore and Joanne’s Jive to Runaway Baby. I bet there were thousands of viewers who wanted to get up there and then, and strut their stuff across the lounge floor.

Now I don’ want to be negative, remember I’m a great advocate for dancing, but if you’re over forty get your heart checked out first, and if you’re under forty get in training. That dance took an amazing amount of sustained energy. I couldn’t do it, and I suspect that most of the dancers who I meet at freestyles couldn’t do it either. That dance took a whole week’s training to master. It was, as Craig would say, fab-u-lous. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, but if you want to try something just as showy, but a lot easier on your heart, lungs and knees you might want to try Modern Jive instead.

Here’s some Modern Jivers doing their thing

There’s no comparison between the modern jive dancing in the video above, and what Ore and Joanne conjured up, but its a lot more do-able – especially if you are a mere mortal. The two featured dancers show real flair and dance with an impressive fluidity. I suspect they have been dancing for a while, but you would be surprised how quickly you can get to this level, without fear of doing too much damage to your heart, lungs and knees.

Finding a Modern Jive Class

There is a wonderful website, called UK Jive, that lists all the Modern Jive classes across the UK. Click the link here to take the first step on your dance journey. The Ceroc Organisation provides one of the largest networks of Modern Jive classes, and it was at one of their classes in Derby that I started my own Modern Jive dance journey. Click here for my posting about Ceroc and how it will open up a whole new lifestyle based on dancing.

Keep Dancing

I hope lots of people take up partner dancing after enjoying the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing. I’d be happy if some of them knocked on the door of my local Ceroc dance class. You’d certainly be welcome. So in the eternal words of Bruce Forsyth ‘Keep Dancing’ where ever you find a class.