Electric Jive: Long Bennington Village Hall, near Newark

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My first Tea Dance article featured Frozen Back in April I wrote an article about the growing popularity of Sunday Tea Dances.  While researching for the article I came across Electric Jive's monthly Frozen Tea Dance held at their Long Bennington or Stamford venues. Sally Picker who runs  Electric Jive, with Steve Lampert, gave me a [...]

Ceroc Class Night at The Winning Post leads me to Utopia

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My Road Trip ends in a night off in Twickenham Now and again I get to go on a Dance Road Trip with my mate Neil.  So the previous Thursday we were at a Ceroc Surrey class in Byfleet.  Then it was two nights of Freestyles in the Bristol area.  Sunday was an unexpected day [...]

Tony Riccardi: The Joy of DJing with Vinyl

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Last weekend there was no local dancing o  my home patch of Nottingham, so I decided to seek out a new venue.  A look down the listings on the UK Jive Website gave me a lot of choice if I was prepared to travel a fair distance, but one freestyle caught my eye. Ceroc Groove where [...]

MJRoc Warmwell Dance Weekender: The Preview

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Read the Warmwell Review here That's the preview done now just enjoy it Over the past few weeks I've been writing a preview of The MJRoc Warmwell weekender (see below).  In doing my research I've come to realise that's it's one of the best weekenders in the Modern Jive calendar.  Sadly I learnt about it too [...]

Ten Classic ’90s Ceroc & Modern Jive Tracks – DRAFT – PLEASE DO NOT SHARE

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I missed out on '90s Club Music Back in October I published a review on a fantastic nights dancing in The Thunderball Room at Southport.  I based my review round Nicola Di Folco and Caroline Houlton's playlists.  Coincidentally they both set the floor on fire with the same '90s killer track that I just love.  The 3 [...]

Jiving ‘n’ Spinning – DRAFT – PLEASE DO NOT SHARE

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Dancing can be part of a fitness routine After reading one of my Southport Thunderball Room reviews and the fabulous music that was served up that night, Gordon Mullin got in touch to tell me about his own passion for dance music.  Gordon told me that he  takes Spin Classes at a local gym, and uses hi-energy dance music in [...]

Quick Steps: Quick Notes – September 17

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Writing about my Top 5 Freestyles Just chillin' out by the pool and reading the latest best selling novel is a wonderful thing to do on holiday. For me it's an opportunity to do some writing, so each morning I've given myself time to write about my Top 5 Freestyles from the past year. The [...]

Another Great Ceroc Southport Diary

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The Official Ceroc Scorch 2017 Facebook Page Hopefully my own Southport Diary conveyed just how much fun the Ceroc Southport June Weekender was, but there's another account that looked at the weekend from a different and very interesting angle. I'm ashamed to say, that I only learnt about the Official Ceroc Scorch Facebook page on [...]

Modern Jive Dance Tips for Ladies (Draft)

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Can we have some tips for the ladies please? Back in July I wrote an article giving tips to men who were thinking of making the leap from class nights to freestyles.  It proved to be a very popular article, and from the feedback it would appear the ladies took an interest in it too.  [...]

Last night a DJ saved my life: Add your own article

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Thanks for showing an interest I'm hoping to build my Last night a DJ saved my life column in to a definitive article about life behind the decks on The Modern Jive circuit.  Many of the people out on the dance floor have a real passion for music, and they would love to get some insight in [...]