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Strictly Ceroc Bristol: SILC Sunday Freestyle

By | August 30th, 2018|SILC and Blues, Tea Dances|

Time to do it for real Prior to this SILC Freestyle, Caine Langford and Danielle Moore had run a two hour SILC Workshop (see link to review below).  Caine and Danni are fabulous teachers and I learned a lot about the SILC technique that was long overdue.  Now in the freestyle that followed I and [...]

Strictly Ceroc Bristol: SILC Sunday Workshop

By | August 21st, 2018|SILC and Blues, Tea Dances|

I couldn't resist the promise of delicious cakes When I wrote my original article about the growing popularity of Tea Dances I include some details about six such Sunday afternoon venues.  After it was published several people got in touch to tell me about their own Tea Dances.  This prompted me to write a second [...]

Ceroc Escape: The SILC Zone at Southport

By | July 8th, 2018|SILC and Blues, Tea Dances, Weekenders|

For details of the Tea Dance image see the acknowledgement below Is Southport's SILC Zone a Tea Dance? Surely not! The stops on the Tea Dance Tour have one thing in common.  They all take place on a Sunday, and there is 24 hours of Sunday dancing in the SILC Zone.  Another feature of the Tea [...]

Fresh Weekender: Steve Thomas’ SILC classes

By | May 29th, 2018|Classes and Workshops, SILC and Blues, Weekenders|

My SILC Journey prior to Fresh Before I start my review of Steve's SILC classes, I want to tell you a little about my own struggle with this new style of dancing.  I suspect that my attempts to grasp this smooth slotted style will resonate with many readers.  I also hope it will offer some comfort to any [...]

Fresh Weekender: Jo Hart’s Blues Room Toolkit classes

By | May 18th, 2018|SILC and Blues, Weekenders|

Weekenders are an opportunity to try something new One of the features of all Weekenders is the provision of workshops and lessons.  Nicola had put on a comprehensive programme of classes offering everyone an opportunity to try something new.  In amongst the programme was a series of four classes labelled as Blues Room Toolkits to [...]

My Top Picks of the Year: Part 1 Classes

By | August 22nd, 2017|Articles, SILC and Blues|

My 2016/17 Modern Jive Highlights It's a year since I started my modern jive blog, and in that time I've danced on average three times a week. I must have visited over fifty different Modern Jive venues and written reviews on most of them. That's a lot of dancing and a lot of writing. With [...]

Ceroc Heaven Summer Prom: Part 3 SILC Zone & Blues Lounge

By | August 5th, 2017|Freestyle Reviews, SILC and Blues|

The Second Room gets off to a great start Second rooms at freestyles can be hit or miss affairs. Sometimes they are really busy, but I have more commonly seen them rather under used. I was really interested to see how the second room would work at the Ceroc Heaven Summer Prom. I suspected that [...]

Southport Weekender – Clive Gidney’s Set in The SILC Zone

By | March 13th, 2017|Freestyle Reviews, SILC and Blues|

Time to Check out The Blues Room Now I'm not a fan of Blues Dancing. I struggle with the close hold and the repetitive pulsing. The music is fabulous but its just not for me. It is however a very much a part of the Southport Experience, and the Blues Room, now situated in The [...]

Southport Weekender – SILC Foundation Class

By | March 5th, 2017|SILC and Blues, Weekenders|

SILC Foundation Class - Saturday It seems that SILC is starting to take off I've done a couple of posts about SILC in the past, and I've suggested that it was struggling to get established in my home area - The East Midlands. I also admitted that, like any new dance syllabus, it will understandably take [...]

SILC Workshop Colwick, Nottingham

By | November 30th, 2016|Classes and Workshops, SILC and Blues|

Lets get in the mood Here's a piece of music the SILC dance syllabus was developed  for. Will The SILC Dance Style ever get Established? In my first post on this subject (see link) I wondered if the Ceroc SILC dance syllabus would get established amongst modern jivers or whether it would just wither away and dancers [...]