Ceroc Camber Weekender -This Video Blog is Brilliant

By | August 11th, 2018|Articles, Weekenders|

Blogging is so Last Century Dad A few weeks back I got to spend a Sunday afternoon dancing on the River Thames with Ceroc Evolution.  Before I caught the train back to Nottingham I got to spend some time with my younger daughter, who lives in London.  As always she was interested to know my [...]

Ceroc Evolution: Cutty Sark, Greenwich – The Ship Part 1

By | August 9th, 2018|Freestyle Reviews|

Featured Image courtesy of Mike Smith This is a stunning setting for a dance We'd been dancing for about half an hour and we thought it timely to take a look around the ship.  We wandered up to the top deck by way of a few staircases.  The view that greeted us was quite stunning.  But [...]

Ceroc Addiction: Perton Civic Centre, Wolverhampton

By | July 26th, 2018|Freestyle Reviews|

Time for a shorter Road Trip This year myself and Tel have been doing some very long distance dance road trips.  For one night of dancing we did a 600 mile round trip to a Ceroc Glasgow party night, and last weekend we clocked up two hundred and fifty miles going to Ceroc Surrey's Woking freestyle.  It was [...]

Ceroc Surrey: HG Wells Centre, Woking

By | July 21st, 2018|Freestyle Reviews|

A chance to go to a Premier venue It seems my second home is now Surrey.  I've always come down regularly to see my best mate Neil,  who lives in Walton on Thames, and my eldest daughter who lives in Shepperton, but my visits have increased since the arrival of my first grandchild. Each time [...]

Ceroc Evolution: River Thames dance cruise from Greenwich

By | July 19th, 2018|Tea Dances|

Steve's always looking for new venues Since bringing his franchise under the Ceroc Evolution banner Steve Thomas and his team have been constantly looking for new and exciting venues for their freestyles.  The boldest is the end of the year O2 freestyle, that goes on until five in the morning, and the one I'm really looking forward to [...]

A smile for Jennie, Heron’s Bonsai, Lingfield Surrey

By | July 14th, 2018|Tea Dances|

For details of the Tea Dance image see the acknowledgement below The Tea Dance Tour throws up some wonderful stories I sensed that the Tea Dance tour would be different from going to a series of Friday or Saturday night freestyles, and so it has proved, and it has thrown up some heart warming stories. [...]

Ceroc Escape: The SILC Zone at Southport

By | July 8th, 2018|SILC and Blues, Tea Dances, Weekenders|

For details of the Tea Dance image see the acknowledgement below Is Southport's SILC Zone a Tea Dance? Surely not! The stops on the Tea Dance Tour have one thing in common.  They all take place on a Sunday, and there is 24 hours of Sunday dancing in the SILC Zone.  Another feature of the Tea [...]

The Spirit of Southport June 2018 in Ten Top Tracks

By | June 27th, 2018|My Favourite Tracks, Weekenders|

The Spirit of Southport lies in the music If you had to describe Ceroc's Southport Weekender to someone who had no idea what even Ceroc was, where would you start.  You'd probably begin by telling them that it involved round the clock dancing - it starts at three on Friday afternoon and doesn't stop until [...]

Ceroc Groove: SILC on Sunday at Bromsgrove

By | June 25th, 2018|Tea Dances|

For details of the Tea Dance image see the acknowledgement below I return to the place my chilled dance journey started It was almost four years ago that I last visited the Ceroc Groove Sunday session at The Lickey End Social Club in Bromsgrove, South West of Birmingham.  It was not one of my better [...]

Southport Weekender – Caine & Danni’s Switches Class

By | June 16th, 2018|Classes and Workshops, Weekenders|

I want to dance in a Slotted style Regular reaches of my blog will know of my desire to be able to dance in the more modern slotted style, in addition to my traditional rotational style.  I've nothing against the rotational style of dancing - I know that most of us dance in that way, but [...]