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Ceroc Heaven: Kelham Hall, Newark

By | February 7th, 2018|Freestyle Reviews, Modern Jive DJs|

I'm in The Thunderball Room at Southport with DJ Silly Boy! It's Friday night, and the atmosphere out on a packed dance floor in The Thunderball Room is electrifying.  The music is blasting out of the speakers, with the bass turned up to the max, and every note of ZZ Top's Sharp dressed man is resonating [...]

My Top Picks of The Year: Part 4 DJ Playlists

By | December 17th, 2017|Articles, Modern Jive DJs|

My 2016-17 Modern Jive Highlights It's a year since I started my modern jive blog, and in that time I've danced on average three times a week. I must have visited over fifty different Modern Jive venues and written reviews on most of them. That's a lot of dancing and a lot of writing. With [...]

Pirate Jive: The Shed, Beeston, Nottingham

By | November 10th, 2017|Freestyle Reviews, Modern Jive DJs|

DJ Gary Steps up to the big stage Over many years DJ Ian McLeod built an enviable reputation for his Pirate Jive freestyles at The Shed in Beeston, Nottingham.  People travelled a long way to experience the great atmosphere and enjoy the fabulous music that Ian provided.  The Shed was with out doubt established as one [...]

Southport Weekender -Tony Riccardi Set

By | July 1st, 2017|Modern Jive DJs, Weekenders|

Tony Riccardi in The Thunderball Room - Friday Night When the Southport Scorch programme was published on line, the first thing I did was to look up the DJ line up in the main Thunderball Room. Looking through the list I recognised many of the names, having reviewed or mentioned their top tracks in my [...]

Southport Weekender – Tim Sant Set

By | June 27th, 2017|Modern Jive DJs, Weekenders|

It's late on Sunday night and you can still feel The Southport Vibe I took the snapshot above at about twenty minutes past midnight on Sunday night. Across the nation most people are long tucked up in bed, but The Thunderball Room is packed and rockin'. To the right of the stage you can see [...]

Southport Weekender – Motown & Northern Soul

By | June 16th, 2017|Modern Jive DJs, Motown, Weekenders|

Another first for Southport Back in February, Southport had its first ever Motown Freestyle session. It kicked off the proceedings in the Cyclone Room at 9:00 on the Friday night and was one of my Southport highlights. Chris Uren was on the decks that night, and at the end he was at pains to ask [...]

Ceroc Passion: Daventry Red Hot & Sultry Part 4 DJ Hayley Epps Set

By | April 3rd, 2017|Freestyle Reviews, Modern Jive DJs|

A Star of The Ceroc Circuit Hayley Epps is a star of the big venues on the Ceroc Circuit. At the Southport Weekender, Hayley had a set on all three nights in the main Thunderball Room, and two weeks later featured in the DJ line up at the Camber Sands Weekender. Now here she was following [...]

Ceroc Passion: Daventry Red Hot & Sultry Part 3 The Chill Out Room

By | April 1st, 2017|Freestyle Reviews, Modern Jive DJs|

The Chilled Out Room is what makes Daventry special What is it that makes Daventry such a stand out event on the Modern Jive Calendar?  No doubt the high attendance figures are part of the reason, buy why do such large numbers come in the first place? I suspect that the reputation of the DJs [...]

Ceroc Passion: Daventry Red Hot & Sultry Part 2 DJ Rob Ambridge Set

By | March 28th, 2017|Freestyle Reviews, Modern Jive DJs|

The Main Room is no easy gig DJ-ing in the Main Room at Ceroc Passion's Daventry Freestyle is no easy gig. People had travelled from all corners of England (I even heard that some people had come from Scotland), and expectations were high. Over the years Daventry has built a reputation for being one of the [...]

DJ Chris Uren: Ceroc Heaven, Grange Hall, Radcliffe on Trent

By | February 7th, 2017|Freestyle Reviews, Modern Jive DJs|

Without music there can be no dancing It falls to the DJs, alone on the stage, to decide what tracks to play for those of us determined to have a great night out. It's no easy gig for the DJs, for amongst the dancers on the floor are people with their own favourite tracks, and a list [...]