The Official Ceroc Scorch 2017 Facebook Page

Hopefully my own Southport Diary conveyed just how much fun the Ceroc Southport June Weekender was, but there’s another account that looked at the weekend from a different and very interesting angle. I’m ashamed to say, that I only learnt about the Official Ceroc Scorch Facebook page on the last night, but it’s worth giving it a plug because so many people have contributed to it, and it’s packed with photos of the event. I’ve provided a link to the page at the bottom of this posting.

A Peoples Diary

This Facebook page reads like a people’s diary. The entries are spontaneous and in the moment, and present the joy of the weekend in the sincerest of ways. The diary starts with people posting pictures of themselves setting off. It gives travel updates, telling people where to avoid traffic jams on The M6. All these postings show the high levels of anticipation, that is the hallmark of the run up to any Southport Weekender.

This is where you find the official photographs

The best bit of this Facebook page is the photographs. I always wondered where the official photographs were published, and the answer is  right here. There’s even an encouragement to get tagging people you recognise and sharing the pictures on your own Facebook pages. Some of my friends have already been doing this, and why not – they are a wonderful record of us all having a great time. There are four sets of photos to go through. I’m sure that everyone is included.

Don’t forget the rain, or the ducks

Facebook gives people the opportunity to post feedback and some quite quirky photographs. Here’s one of my favourites that still causes a rye smile. Sadly it rained a lot this time, but did it really matter? The ducks loved it, and I loved this picture of them having their own bit of fun. Either side of the ‘Good Weather for Ducks’ pic are two comments expressing the warmth that people enjoyed throughout the weekend.

You can’t beat feedback – and there’s a lot

This weekender was a sell out, but I’m sure that Mike Ellard and his team won’t rest on their laurels. I’m sure that he’ll have been picking up as much feedback as possible, to ensure that the September get together is just as much fun. This Facebook page is packed with valuable feedback and not surprisingly it’s all positive.

The Traditional Survivors Group Photograph

Over the years many traditions have grown up at Southport. Chalet Parties and Fancy dress are obvious ones, but looking on this Facebook page I came across another less well known one. DJ Marc Forster always does the last session in the SILC Zone (previously known as The Blues Room), which ends at 6:30 on the Monday morning. It seems that after the last track is played a ‘Survivors’ Group Photo is taken. There were surprisingly a lot of survivors this time round! Marc also posts a video of the very last dance on the Facebook page. Now, can you spot yourself amongst the survivors? Sadly I was fast asleep in bed!

The diary goes behind the scenes

One of the really interesting things is that this Facebook page gives you an insight in to all the organisational stuff going off behind the scenes, and there are pictures of Mike Ellard and his team before, after and during the weekend. Facebook is of course a place to leave feedback – just look at the number of Likes and Comments to this photo. Mike must be very proud of his team.

A great resource for my own diary

This week I hope to post an edited version of my own diary. Now I’ve found this facebook page myself, I have a whole load of photographs I can use, to widen the appeal of my own account of this amazing dance weekend. To access the photos yourself, and read or even leave your own comments, please follow the link below.

To visit the Scorch Facebook page please click the link The Ceroc Scorch Southport 2017