Getting Started

When I started this blog I knew three things about myself. Firstly I loved dancing, secondly I loved dance music and thirdly I wanted an outlet for my writing. I had no real idea how the blog would develop, but I knew that if I made a start I’d soon find myself on an exciting journey. I’ve learned a couple of things. The first is that it takes a lot more time than I thought to ensure that the blog looks professional. Secondly, it’s the greatest fun, but for all the time and fun, is anyone actually reading it?

Well ask Google!

So, I installed Google Analytics. It’s a bit scary because Analytics tells you just like it is. It tells you just how many people are visiting the site on a daily basis. It shows how many pages people read, how long they stay on the site and which are the most read articles. As a writer it was wonderful to open up the stats, and actually see that people had been reading my work, and were also revisiting the site on a regular basis. So, before I go any further a big thank you to the many hundreds of you, who have taken the time to read my reviews and articles.

Top Spot – Freestyle Reviews

Generally, the most read articles are the reviews I do of Freestyles and DJs Playlists. I was initially concerned that I might find myself crossed off the guest list if I posted negative reviews of any freestyles. I decided early on that the main aim of the blog was to promote The Modern Jive scene as a wonderful place to enjoy a night out with like minded people. I didn’t relish the idea that I might have to write anything negative, so I decided that if I did attend a poor freestyle I just wouldn’t write anything. In the end I have only visited freestyles that I’ve been pleased to promote, and I’ve yet to review a DJ playlist that didn’t offer up some new dance music gems.

Getting Out and About


The majority of my reviews have been about venues in The East Midlands. I have ventured further afield on a few occasions, but my New Year resolution is to visit more freestyles and classes in other parts of the country. I have also booked to go to The Ceroc Weekender at Southport in February. With so much going on there, Southport should offer me lots of new topics to write about. Whereever I end up going next year, I’m confident I’ll meet a whole lot of friendly people, and hear plenty of great dance music

Motown Proves a Winner

Another goal I set for my blog was to advocate the playing of more Motown music at class nights and freestyles. I realise that with every passing year there are less and less people who experienced this back catalogue of great dance music first time round. But the popularity of Motown and Soul Nights, run by organisations like Goldsoul, shows that every generation loves this genre of music. I’ve enthusiastically promoted Motown and Soul Class Nights, and I’m hopeful that more organisations will now give them a try. When I studied the Google Analytics stats I was surprised, but very happy, to see that the most popular article on the entire blog is the one about doing a thirty minute Motown and Soul guest DJ slot. Click the link to see my list of eleven tracks that I think will make great modern jive dance tracks.

Quick Steps: Quick Notes


I soon realised there was a need for regular short postings. So that brief items didn’t clog up the blog, and constantly push the main posting down the page, I introduced a Quick Notes Post I call Quick Steps. This in turn gets pushed down the page but is refreshed every week so it comes back to the top. It is proving one of the most popular postings on the blog.

Your Feedback is Valued

It’s always great to get feedback. Can I take the opportunity to thank the people who have written comments about my Facebook postings. I use dance organisation’s Facebook pages to let people know that I’ve posted a review. The fact that people make comments or click the Like button, gives me instant feedback that the review is being read. One of the most interesting pieces of feedback I get is about the music I embed in the postings. I’m often told that people love finding out what the music is that they dance to. Whenever I’ve heard a great piece of music I’ve always been comfortable to ask the DJ what it was. However, I know most people wouldn’t want to do that, so I’m pleased that the blog offers that service. I was once asked to dance with the line, ‘This is my favourite track and I just love dancing to it.’ We all have favourites and I do endeavour to feature tracks that other people like. I know the lady in question is not the only one who loves this track, so here’s Jace Everett with Bad Things.

Your Privacy is Assured

I meet a lot of people out dancing, but I have made it a policy that I will never mention the names of the dancers I meet. The only people I mention by name are the DJs, event organisers and dance teachers. I’ve also, with permission, given credit to a photographer, but I see no value in identifying the people who come out to enjoy a night of dancing. I really appreciate when people leave comments about a posting, but to do so you have to include your email address. Its a way of authenticating the comments and allows me to reply (as I always try to do). These email addresses are not published with your comment and are never used except to send you a reply.

Thanks again for visiting

Thanks again to everyone who visits the blog. I hope you find it entertaining and will visit again. I will endeavour to keep finding different ways of commenting on and promoting this wonderful world of Modern Jive. Hopefully see you again soon.

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