My Top Picks of The Year: Part 3 Dance Tracks

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My 2016-17 Modern Jive Highlights It's a year since I started my modern jive blog, and in that time I've danced on average three times a week. I must have visited over fifty different Modern [...]

Quick Steps: Quick Notes

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A very impressive London Ceroc Class Night with Steve Thomas On Wednesday I got a chance to visit the Ceroc Surrey dance class at Surbiton, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the lesson was [...]

Modern Jive Dance Tips for Ladies

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Can we have some tips for the ladies please? Back in July I wrote an article giving tips to men who were thinking of making the leap from class nights to freestyles.  It proved to [...]

Pirate Jive: The Shed, Beeston, Nottingham

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DJ Gary Steps up to the big stage Over many years DJ Ian McLeod built an enviable reputation for his Pirate Jive freestyles at The Shed in Beeston, Nottingham.  People travelled a long way to [...]

Yorkshire Freestyle Nights: The Engine Shed, Wetherby

By | November 9th, 2017|Categories: Freestyle Reviews|

Paul you have to go to The Engine Shed Back in April I'd ventured up The A1 to Tadcaster for a freestyle at Riley-Smith Hall run by DJ Kerry Bayley.  It turned out to be [...]

MJRoc Dance Weekender: Warmwell, Dorset

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New postings are added twice a week To Read the Latest Posting A Modern Jive Weekender that's a sell-out Sue Astle, one of the regular contributors to the blog, was recently telling me that she was [...]

Modern Jive If you dance it, Join it!

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Facebook brings us all together I've often thought that one of the wonderful things about Facebook is its ability to allow like minded people to find each other, and share their enthusiasm for their chosen [...]

Inspired to dance by Strictly Come Dancing

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New postings are added every week To Read the Latest Posting Has Strictly Come Dancing inspired you to join a dance class? Nineweeks in and there are more shocks on Strictly Come Dancing, as Debbie finds herself in the [...]

Bacco Perbacco: Zucchero

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I'm often asked to name some of my favourite tracks.  Of course there are hundreds of great tracks we dance to, but I've come up with a list that I hope will get some approval.  [...]

Ceroc Surrey: Byfleet Village Hall

By | October 19th, 2017|Categories: Class Nights|

The third class visit on my London road trip It's been a busy few days.  You see last week I was down in London visiting my daughters, so I'd taken the opportunity to do a [...]

Ceroc London: Shepherds Hall, Westminster Bridge

By | October 17th, 2017|Categories: Class Nights|

Northern lad travels to The Big City There is a point to this self deprecating statement.  My experience of visiting Ceroc class nights across the country has taught me that the classes are basically the [...]

Leroc Surrey: Dorking Halls, Dorking

By | October 15th, 2017|Categories: Class Nights|

One of my favourite places to Modern Jive Before I write about my visit to the class night at Dorking Halls, I need to mention one of my favourite places to dance - Tylney Hall [...]

My Top 5 Picks of the year: Part 2 Freestyles

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My 2016/17 Modern Jive Highlights It's a year since I started my modern jive blog, and in that time I've danced on average three times a week. I must have visited over fifty different Modern [...]

Ceroc Medfest in Calpe, Costa Blanca

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I'm very grateful to my Guest Reviewers Sadly there is a limit to the number of venues I can visit so I was really pleased when Sue Astle offered to do a review of Medfest [...]

Modern Jive dance tips for Men

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This article was originally written in two parts in July 2017. I've now amalgamated it into one posting Some dance tips please Peter got in touch recently after reading my story about a group of [...]

Ceroc Beds & Bucks: Bedford Corn Exchange

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The illustration I've used above shows the next date at this fabulous venue Time for another Freestyle Road Trip After completing my reviews of Southport is was time to get on the road again and [...]

Ceroc Southport Splash Weekender – Get Ready for Swingers Hour Class

By | September 17th, 2017|Categories: Class Nights, Rock 'n' Roll, Weekenders|

We love Rock 'n' Roll dance music If you love dancing I bet you love Swing and Rock 'n' Roll music. It's the type of music that makes you want to get up and dance. [...]

What we love about Ceroc’s Southport Weekender

By | September 6th, 2017|Categories: Weekenders|

New postings are below the Introduction Live blogging from previous Ceroc Southport Weekenders At previous Southport Weekenders I'd live blogged from the event giving my own feedback on the event. I would make quick notes [...]