FunkyLush, Burnham Park Hall, Slough

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Let's not forget the people who ensure the vitality of this dance scene Please never take this wonderful dance scene for granted.  Behind its success and vitality lie the endeavours and passion of a lot [...]

Southport Splash 2018: Lucky Dip Competition

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I gaze in wonder at the Ceroc Champs Entrants Back in May I made my first visit to the Ceroc Champs at The Watford Colosseum.  These are open competitions that attract the very best dancers [...]

Quick Steps: Quick Notes

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A new world record? In March I made a six hundred round trip for one night of dancing with Ceroc Glasgow.  I thought it would be a record that would stand for a long time.  Remember dance holidays like Medfest [...]

The Spirit of Southport September 2018 in Ten Top Tracks

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The Spirit of Southport lies in the music If you had to describe Ceroc's Southport Weekender to someone who had no idea what even Ceroc was, where would you start.  You'd probably begin by telling them that [...]

Strictly Ceroc Bristol: SILC Sunday Freestyle

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Time to do it for real Prior to this SILC Freestyle, Caine Langford and Danielle Moore had run a two hour SILC Workshop (see link to review below).  Caine and Danni are fabulous teachers and [...]

Ceroc Southport Weekender: Sept 2018 – Planning my reviews

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I need to plan carefully It's just four more sleeps until September's Ceroc Southport Weekender.  I've just had a weekend completely free of dancing so I'm particularly looking forward to this one.  But that's more reason [...]

Ceroc Surrey, Mytchett: Soul Night

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Fancy a dance class in Surrey Paul? Now that's a long way from Nottingham just for a class, so let me explain.  Because my daughters and Best Mate Neil live that way, I actually do a [...]

Strictly Ceroc Bristol: SILC Sunday Workshop

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I couldn't resist the promise of delicious cakes When I wrote my original article about the growing popularity of Tea Dances I include some details about six such Sunday afternoon venues.  After it was published [...]

A Dancer’s Tribute to Aretha Franklin

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My way of paying a tribute to Aretha Franklin With the sad news that Aretha Franklin passed away yesterday, I thought I'd write my own tribute from a dancers point of view, by giving you some [...]

Ceroc Evolution: Cutty Sark, Greenwich – The Ship Part 2

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Featured Image courtesy of Tori Hallett First reflections on a fabulous night It's the morning after the night before, or rather the late morning after the very late night before.  Six of The Dance Gang are [...]

Ceroc Camber Weekender -This Video Blog is Brilliant

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Blogging is so Last Century Dad A few weeks back I got to spend a Sunday afternoon dancing on the River Thames with Ceroc Evolution.  Before I caught the train back to Nottingham I got [...]

Ceroc Evolution: Cutty Sark, Greenwich – The Ship Part 1

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Featured Image courtesy of Mike Smith This is a stunning setting for a dance We'd been dancing for about half an hour and we thought it timely to take a look around the ship.  We wandered [...]

Ten Classic Ceroc & Modern Jive Tracks – Volume 2

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How about Volume 2 Paul A recent post, where I compiled a list of ten Ceroc and Modern Jive Classics, has proved to be one of the most read articles this year.  The list received [...]

Ceroc Addiction: Perton Civic Centre, Wolverhampton

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Time for a shorter Road Trip This year myself and Tel have been doing some very long distance dance road trips.  For one night of dancing we did a 600 mile round trip to a Ceroc [...]

Ceroc Surrey: HG Wells Centre, Woking

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A chance to go to a Premier venue It seems my second home is now Surrey.  I've always come down regularly to see my best mate Neil,  who lives in Walton on Thames, and my [...]

Ceroc Evolution: River Thames dance cruise from Greenwich

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Steve's always looking for new venues Since bringing his franchise under the Ceroc Evolution banner Steve Thomas and his team have been constantly looking for new and exciting venues for their freestyles.  The boldest is the end [...]

Ten Classic Ceroc & Modern Jive Tracks

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How about a Top Ten Classics List I’m often asked to come up with a list of Ceroc and Modern Jive classics.  Of course there are hundreds of great tracks we dance to, but I’ve come [...]

A smile for Jennie, Heron’s Bonsai, Lingfield Surrey

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For details of the Tea Dance image see the acknowledgement below The Tea Dance Tour throws up some wonderful stories I sensed that the Tea Dance tour would be different from going to a series [...]